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SGF Pre-Season Strategy Meeting (2019 – 2020)

We have successfully completed the Ist year (SGF 2018-19) of Phase II. Sincere efforts made by each and every one on the SGF team is highly acknowledged.

During the last season, there were valuable lessons learned from few mistakes made, however, we learn and improve from our mistakes. This new season brings along new challenges and goals that cannot be achieved without a contribution from SGF partners and team. In order to discuss this year’s work plan and to highlight each partners roles and responsibilities this meeting is scheduled at Hyderabad and followed by a field visit to SGF-CSA Seed Multiplication Plots in Kadapa. The objective of this meeting is to clarify and work out the detailed action plan for upcoming season.

Further Information

Agenda & Visit Plan: To download the full agenda, please click  - 671 kBhere

Attendees: SGF partners and core team

Official language: English

Contact: Tanay Joshi, FiBL