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SGF Annual Project Progress Review Meeting (2018-19)

As the end of the season approaches and we enter into the second year of Seeding the Green Future (2018-2022) program it’s time to thank everyone for their sincere efforts through 2018.

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This meeting will focus on reviewing the progress made so far on key areas of the roadmap, and also consider opportunities where further progress is crucial. There will also be an opportunity to experience some of the key impacts SGF programme has been able to deliver so far. Once again, it promises to be a dynamic and transformational interaction that will continue to explore ways in which SGF program can make sustainable impacts on the livelihoods of smallholder organic cotton farmers across India.

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Day I: SGF: Project Progress Review (2018-2019)

Day II: SGF: Strategy & future plan (2019-2020)

To download the full agenda, please click  - 550 kBhere

Attendees: SGF Partners, our supporters, universities and other stakeholders

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For any information on this meeting please contact Dr. Tanay Joshi, Project Coordinator