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Green Line Exhibition 2019

Customer awareness for sustainable textile production and consumption

Following the Green Line from the Organic & Fair Seed to the T-Shirt

With the organic cotton exhibition at the Botanical Garden in Zurich in August-September 2019, we invite you to be part of our ongoing efforts to raise the awareness of the Swiss population about the entire organic cotton supply chain and in particular about the challenges of sustainable cotton production. We will demonstrate the importance of genetic diversity for plant breeding, the potential of neglected cotton species and the effects of participatory breeding concepts. This should lead to a more responsible purchase of textiles and promote “slow fashion" instead of "fast fashion".

Visitors to the organic cotton exhibition will be informed about the production process of cotton textiles from the seed to the finished T-shirt. You will be informed about global cotton production, the challenges of organic cotton cultivation and the current organic cotton projects bring carried out by Swiss organisations. The influence of the seed industry on biodiversity and the importance of participatory, decentralised breeding are demonstrated. Visitors recognise that their purchasing behaviour can make a decisive contribution to the sustainable, socially and environmentally compatible production of textiles.

At the centre of the exhibition is the cotton plant. Based on the active experience of the plant, visitors will be sensitized to the connection between the plant and our clothing. The path from seed to production cultivation, harvesting, processing and the finished T-shirt is shown. The consumption of resources and the associated environmental impacts and social aspects of the textile value chain, which takes place mainly abroad, are also presented. The exhibition has a special focus on the importance of genetic diversity for adaptation to climate change and local seed sovereignty so that small farmers remain independent and able to act. The exhibition aims to raise awareness for more sustainable textile consumption.

In detail, visitors will:

  • learn more about the differences between conventional and organic cotton production and processing of textiles and their environmental impact.
  • become informed about different sustainability labels and that textile made of 100% organic cotton are quite rare.
  • learn that most cotton textiles are made from genetically modified cotton.
  • can visually explore cotton and feel the texture.
  • see natural cotton plants of various species and learn more about the challenges and latest solutions in growing organic cotton.
  • learn more about the consumption and resources of textiles.

Target groups:

  • Citizens, students, school classes,
  • Interested local, national and international visitors of all ages
  • Consumers interested in organic cotton textiles

Further information

For more information, please have a look at the event flyer: