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Expected project outcomes

  • Long-term safeguarding the non-GM organic cotton production in India and income assurance of smallholder farmers
  • Genetic diversity of species and cultivars of cotton are essential for improved performance and adaptation to climate change
  • A wide range of cotton cultivars (and species) with improved quality and yield stability under organic farming conditions with high water and nutrient efficiency and tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress factors conserve our natural resources
  • Participatory on-farm research enables a rapid development of locally-adapted cultivars, suitable for organic and low input conditions that are available for smallholder farmers 
  • Through the inclusion of smallholder farmers in breeding and seed production, the locally adapted varieties will be implemented in farmers field already during the project
  • Inclusion of women in participatory plant breeding improve the success rate and strengthens their position in the community
  • The capacity building allows smallholder farmers to build up a local seed production and to participate in the seed value chain. Seed sovereignty is put forth.
  • Model for participatory breeding and local seed production to other countries
  • Exchange of know-how and cotton varieties with other countries
  • Improved awareness of consumers and textile brands for social, ecological and health issues related to cotton production.